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Flat Roofing Windlesham

Here at Windlesham Roofing, we offer the residents of Windlesham a vast range of flat roofing products, ranging from fibreglass roofing to three layer mineral systems.

Additionally, we can also insulate all flat roofs using insulation boards ranging from 50mm to 200mm in thickness. Our three layer systems are the most popular and affordable. We offer 10 year guarantees or 20 year guarantee on mineral systems which are built up on 3 layers;

  1. 1st layer, glass tack down felt this is a breathable layer.
  2. 2nd layer, .2mm cap sheet torch on layer.
  3. 3rd layer high performance mineral felt torch on layer.

Flat Roofing Installation

We offer these in three colours; red, green and grey – your choice. We always finish our flat roofs with drip edges and lead to cover the up stands. If you opt for our twenty year guarantee you get all of the above with the added advantage of thicker layers - ensuring an even longer life for your roof.

We can also offer two layer systems with solar reflective paint making up the third layer – another popular choice with our customers. If you want to chat about flat roof options, please don't hesitate to call our office on 01276 805446.

We are ideally located to offer Flat Roofs to the following areas:
North London, South London, West London, East London, St Albans, Brentford, Essex, Islington.